Central Circuit trail

Rwenzori central circuit trail

The Central Circuit trail Rwenzori mountains climbing trail takes the famous route of the 1906 Rwenzori expedition by the Duke of Abruzi

It is the oldest and most famous trail of the Rwenzori mountains. The Central Circuit trail starts from Mihunga gate at 1,651m asl.   It is the shortest and somewhat easiest route to Margherita peak except for the boggy path after John Maate camp on day 3 of the trail taking just 7 days to summit to Margherita peak. One of the best non technical treks in the Rwenzori mountains is the 6 days Rwenzori mountains trekking with Central circuit only.

This Rwenzori mountains climbing route loops back between the peaks of Mountains Baker and Stanley.

There is continuous efforts to improve the Central circuit trail with solar lighting now installed in almost all camps.

New Rwenzori mountains accommodation huts are also being constructed as of 2022 by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to increase capacity and improve the conditions of climbers along the trail.

You will be amazed by the warm huts and the bunk beds with mattresses allowing you to sleep comfortably in the cold nights deep in the mountains.

The Kurt Schaffer Bridge previously swept away by floods has been reconstructed allowing for easier crossing of the Mubuku River just below the confluence of the Bujuku River and Mubuku River..

This trail begins from and ends at Mihunga park gate.

It involves Rwenzori mountains trekking for 7 days in a serie from;

Mihunga gate to Nyabitaba camp, Nyabitaba camp to John maate camp which is the 3 rd camp along this trail.

Thereafter, it meets the Bukurungu trail junction in the Bigo bog before Bigo camp used for camping through the Bukurungu trail.

The other camps used along this trail are the Bujuku camp, Elena camp, Kidandara camp, Guy yeoman camp back to Nyabitaba camp.

The Rwenzori Central circuit trail is the most flexible trail on which climbers can summit Margherita peak (5,109m asl) in 5 days or less using one side of the trail.

This is only possible with physically fit and experienced climbers.

This Rwenzori Central circuit trail also allows for easier Rwenzori mountains 4 peaks or 6 peaks climbing from Mount Speke, Mount Stanley, Mount Baker, Weismann’s peak, Portal peaks, Mount Gessi, Mount Emin, etc

The Central circuit route allows you to explore the Rwenzori mountains ranges sleeping in a different camp each night for 6 nights for your Rwenzori mountains trekking to Margherita peak 5,109m asl.

Looking for your best hiking trail in the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda? consider trekking through the Central circuit route you will not regret.

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History of the Rwenzori Central Circuit trail

The Rwenzori Central Circuit trail was initially an access route to the hunting grounds for the local Bakonzo people in the mountains before it was gazetted by the government as a protected area.

The first renown local Mukonzo mountain guide summited Margherita peak bare feet through the Central circuit route. He was part of the 1906 Duke of Abruzzi expedition as a porter.

Mountaineering was taking place without any organisation and consideration of safety for the porters and guides who lacked even the basic clothing and wear.

Organised tourism was started after government efforts to protect the area and also support the communities that had been largely depending on the Rwenzori mountains national park for hunting for meat and other food, firewood and timber.

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