Ibywachu Cultural Village

Iby’wachu Cultural Village

Ibywachu Cultural Village

Ibywachu Cultural Village is located around Parc National des Volcans in Nyabigoma, Kinigi, Musanze district, Northern Province.

A visit to Iby’Iwacu cultural village helps you to share with the local people and their heritage treasures including lifestyles, activities, artifacts and ways of living. Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village is committed at showcasing the ways of living, traditional lifestyles and dances to tourists.

The term Iby’lwacu denotes “treasure of our heritage” and thus the villages exhibits what Rwanda is in the economical and social aspects. The village is fast becoming a centre of attraction besides the gorilla safaris and golden monkey tracking, two most popular attractions in the areas of the Volcanoes. This village gives the visitors a chance to meet local people in their environment experiencing there culture and traditions of the Rwanda people. After your gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park, get to know the people by interacting with them and taking part in their daily activities.

The Iby’wachu cultural village visit costs about USD 35 per person and USD 70 for an overnight.

After gorilla trekking, the Iby’lwacu cultural village is the best place to go to and experience the real Rwanda culture, norms and traditions. The hike will depend on the travelers interests and the various activities include;

1. A community walk visiting different sites within the community. This gives an insight into the daily lives of the people in the community.

2. Go to the king’s house be enthroned as a king and exercise kingship as instructed by elders through a village ceremony, listen to all the kings’ stories and be explained to all the meaning of different symbols within the palace.

3. Watch the eight different types of traditional dances in Rwanda’s culture, other local and traditional musical instruments i.e. Intore dances, drumming, ibyivugo, umuduri, ikemde, iningiri, inanga, Ingoma, amakondera, agakenke.

4. Listen to the famous gorilla song sung by Ngayabatema, mainly referred to as kaayuku.

5. Experience the use of local medicinal trees, shrubs, grasses that cure some diseases with the local traditional healer. Visit their clinics and pharmacies.

6. Visit local schools and exercise Rwanda’s education by being a student or becoming a teacher of any lesson and class.

7. Participate in the preparation of a local lunch or dinner like the ubugari, igikoma etc with local people and have its taste while listening to interesting stories of pre and post colonial era from the elderly people around.

8. Attend a local banana brewing process and have a taste of local banana brew.

9. Learn about the ex-poachers techniques of hunting and the stories of their past life experiences in particular from the Batwa.

10. Engage yourself in pottery making with the Batwa people, experience the artisans and craft making done by women, men and children.

11. Participate in the local football match and many more sports activities.

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