Lake Bujuku

Rwenzori mountains

Lake Bujuku

Lake Bujuku

Lake Bujuku is located in the Bujuku valley of the Rwenzori mountains. It is the second nearest lake after Lake Mahoma located in the Rwenzori mountains national park in Kasese district, western Uganda.

Lying at the base of the beautiful Bujuku valley; it was formed due to blocking of glaciers from the surrounding mountains of Mount Stanley, Mount Baker and Mount Speke forming one of the most beautiful valleys in the Rwenzori ranges.

The beautiful lake bujuku is accessed on a 4 day trek to Bujuku Camp along the Central circuit trail all fully organised by Bujuku Ecotours. However, it can be accessed across all the major Rwenzori mountains climbing routes for climbers preparing to summit Mount Speke or coming to acclimatize before attempting to summit other surrounding mountains.

The Rwenzori mountains have over 20 lakes in addition to the nearest lakes of Lake Mahoma and Bujuku with several rivers flowing in the different from the lakes and the glaciers.

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