Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo National park

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is located in Kiruhura District in the Western Region of Uganda, about 30 km (19 mi) east of Mbarara and about 240 km (150 mi) by road west of Kampala.

The park hosts zebra, hippopotamus, impala, warthog, common eland, African buffalo, Topis and over 300 bird species. Predators may include the lion, leopards, hyenas, genets, civets, jackals and serval cats, among others.

Together with 13 other lakes in the area, Lake Mburo forms part of a 50km-long wetland system linked by a swamp. Five of these lakes lie within the park’s borders. Once covered by open savanna, Lake Mburo National Park now contains much woodland as there are no elephants to tame the vegetation. In the western part of the park, the savanna is interspersed with rocky ridges and forested gorges while patches of papyrus swamp and narrow bands of lush riparian woodland line many lakes.

The park is located in a rich cultural area named according to an ancient tale of two brothers; Mburo and Kigarama who lived in the low-lying Savannah plains hence making the area traditionally known as Kaaro karungi. One night Kigarama dreamt that they were to receive heavy rains which would cause flooding of the valley in which they lived. Kigarama told the dream to his brother Mburo who took it for granted. Since in the African society dreams were highly respected, Kigarama decided to leave the valley and went in the over looking hills leaving his brother behind. The dream later came true and there were heavy downpours  flooding the valley hence forming a lake and drowning Mburo with his property and thus the name Lake Mburo and the adjacent hills were Kigarama fled were named the Kigarama hills.

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Accommodation Facilities in the park.

The park has got good and affordable accommodations specifically located to give an amazing outlook of the park. The lodges like any other are categorised in form of Luxury, Mid-Range and Budget lodges. Among the budget lodges in lake mburo is Rwonyo Rest Camp and Eagles Nest Lodge. The mid-range lodges include Rwakobo Rock Lodge, Mantana Tented Camp and Arcadia Cottages. For those who would love to be unique, lake mburo national park offers luxury lodges which include Mihingo Lodge and Lake Mburo Safari Lodge. All the lodges offer the best services one can offer and visiting the park will not be a problem as all these lodges are close to the park. For accommodation in the park, park rules and entry time has to be observed.

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park

Getting to Lake Mburo National Park is very easy since its one of the nearest national parks to the Capital city Kampala. The most common way of accessing the park is by use of road transport. One can drive from Entebbe to Lake Mburo in a period of about 4hours and 20minutes a distance of 2800km. Another can drive from kampala to lake mburo in about 4hours a distance of 240km.

Alternatively, the park can be accessed by a scheduled flight from Entebbe – Kajjansi to Mbarara airstrip which will take you less than an hour. This is the easiest means of transport and the quickest.

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