Mount Gessi

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Mount Gessi

Mount Gessi

Mount Gessi is a mountain in Western Uganda and has an elevation of 4,715 metres. Mount Gessi is situated east of Margherita, close to Glacier Iolanda 1.

Mount Gessi is one of the 6 massifs of the Rwenzori mountain ranges. Mount Gessi and Emin are located in the north of the mount Stanley, Speke and baker triangle. The mountain also has twin peaks of; Iolanda (15,470 ft.) and Bottego (15,418 ft.). It is near mount Emin and the two are separated by just a narrow valley.

This peak is named after Romulo Gessi (1831 to 1881) who was also an Italian explorer of the source of the Nile. In 1774, he made a go round of Lake Albert to the north of the Rwenzori but did not see the mountains.

The hike to the top starts from the Mugusu valley through groundsel forests to Roccato pass and then proceed through the thick brush and slabs which will lead you to the ridge between the peaks.

The first hike to the peak was made by the Duke of Abruzzi J, Petgax, L. Petigax and C, Olilier in July 1906. The climb route that was used by the Duke has already melted out though and is now a series of horribly over grown steep slabs and is not so recommended.

These peaks were once covered with glaciers which eventually melted away.

Mount Gessi can be accessed via most of the rwenzori mountains climbing routes from the Bukurungu trail, Kinyampanika trail, the central circuit trail and the southern Kilembe trail.

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