How long does it take to climb mount Rwenzori?

How long does it take to climb mount Rwenzori?

Climbing the Rwenzori mountains to Margherita peak (5,109m asl) takes 7 to 8 days depending on the Rwenzori mountains climbing trail used.

Several short treks are available to explore the Rwenzori mountains in a shorter time such as a 3 days trek to John Maate camp or Mahoma Nature trail, 5 days trek to summit Mount Speke, 4 days trek to Bujuku camp, 5 or 6 days hike to Weismanns peak, 6 days central circuit trail to explore the beauty of the Rwenzori mountains, etc

The standard time taken to summit to Margherita peak the highest point in the Rwenzori mountains is 7 days for the Central circuit trail and 8 days for the Kilembe trail and the Bukurungu trail respectively.

However, a 5 days trek is available which also allows hiking mount Rwenzori to Margherita peak (5,109m asl) for those who are fit and with less time.


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