Kilembe Trail

Rwenzori mountains - Kilembe Trail

kilembe trail gate

Kilembe trekking Trail the 3rd route to Margherita peak was established in 2009, as an alternative trekking route to the Rwenzori Mountains, besides the traditional central circuit route.  The southern circuit, though quite challenging, takes about 7 to 8  days trekking with an inclusive reach to Magherita Peak, as well as the stunning views of Valleys, trees and other vegetation cover.

The 8 days kilembe trail trek starts from Rangers Post to Sine Camp, to Mutinda Hut via Kalama hut. The trek then continues to Bugata camp, then to Butawu, which leads to Magherita camp. It is from this point, that it continues to Magherita  peak, after which you descend back to Butawu Hut, then to Bugata, after then to the Kiharo camp and finally to the base.

Margherita Peak is Africa’s third highest peak, however the real beauty in the climb up the Kilembe route, the forests and valleys the flora is diverse with trees and valleys of ferns. The trees are alive with many species of birds and primates and as you walk up the trail you will see chimp nests high up in the tall trees, if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of the resident chimpanzee as they scamper away. Climbing Magherita Peak is more of a hard scramble than a climb except for a few difficult moves and when it snows it is more difficult however the rewards and exhilaration of reaching the top is enormous as you look across Albert Peak to the DRC (Congo) then east across the spectra of the Rwenzori Mountains.

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