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Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty include hairstyling, skincare, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, non-permanent hair removal such as waxing and sugaring, and permanent hair removal processes such as electrology and intense pulsed light. Get your skin treatments and wanted glow back with the best of the cosmetologist in the country. You will experience the best treatments in India.


Orthopedics is a line of medical procedure that focuses on the diagnosis, correction, prevention, and treatment of patients with skeletal deformities disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin. These elements make up the musculoskeletal system. In India, you get the best treatment at a lower cost. Get the best doctor and a team of perfect healthcare solutions.


Cancer is one of the most terrible and deadly of all the chronic conditions. Treatments depend upon a lot of things and parameters. The treatment is complex and difficult. It depends, first on what type of cancer you are diagnosed with. The second thing that matters is which stage you are in. It is very hard to save someone in the last stages. Most of the diagnosis happens at the last stage when there are very few days left to live. We have a wide range of treatment options from the best and experienced doctors from India. You must not take a chance if you see the symptoms.


Multi-organ transplants are used to treat several failing or diseased organs by replacing them with healthy ones, usually from the same donor. Individuals may be considered for this procedure when all other therapies and treatments have been unsuccessful in improving their condition. India has been a lucrative place for various transplants. Chronic diseases are taken care of the most affordable and delicate care.

Transplant surgeons and physicians have the sophisticated medical and surgical expertise as well as the advanced technology required to provide care for patients with rare and complex medical conditions. They can perform multi-organ transplant operations that cannot be performed at other medical centers. Our patients are typically very, very sick when they arrive. They suffer from multiple health problems and have often been turned away by other transplant programs.


Taking care of a child is a tough job. It is here when you realize the role of Pediatrics. We assure you of the best ones in India. We take care of your child exactly the way you want us to. The most important part to remember is, that kids are prone to getting infections and disease at an early age. As toddlers as well as when they reach the age of 3, might get deadly diseases as well. Who do you trust your child’s health with? We have the most high quality and affordable services to take care of your young ones.


Ear, Nose and Throat infections are usually taken lightly. We must tell you that it can have a very severe problem as well. If you keep ignoring the symptoms for long it can become an issue for your healthy living. There is a need of a specialized set of the team (including doctors and staff) that will look at your problems with proper care. In some cases, ENT issues are not given enough importance, but we do not do that. We make sure that our patients have no unfinished business left once we guarantee 100% treatment. Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders, are supposed to be treated by experienced specialists as it involves three most important senses of the body.


Dental tourism has grown extremely fast in India, due to the various initiatives of both the government and private healthcare establishments. Dentistry in India has developed a lot with the setting up of the latest infrastructure in most of the dental hospitals. The usage of the latest technology for diagnosis of dental diseases and sophisticated dental equipment for procedures result to the accurate and precise treatments.

Not just that, India is one of the favorite destinations for dental treatments because of its dentists. India has some of the best orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, gum specialists, prosthodontists, and pediatric dentists. With more than 1, 25,000 dentists and numerous surgeries and procedures under their belt.



Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Neurology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous systems, including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissue, such as muscle. You find the best of the neurologists in India, under affordable treatment options.

During your first appointment with a neurologist, they’ll likely perform a physical exam and a neurological exam. A neurological exam will test muscle strength, reflexes, and coordination. Since different disorders can have similar symptoms, your neurologist may need more testing to make a diagnosis. Neurologists may recommend a variety of procedures to help diagnose or treat a condition.


Cardiology is a medical term that specializes in dealing with the disorders which take place in the human heart. This field looks into the diagnosis and treatments of various kinds of heart disorders such as heart failure, congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, Electrophysiology, and valvular heart disease.

Today Cardiology treatment in India has come up as a suitable option in order to get rid of any of the heart defects as the cost in India of any of the treatments is the best and that too at rates that are absolutely affordable. Because of these benefits of choosing in India, any of the treatments, many foreigners have come down here in order to solve their trouble of heart diseases.

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When in a different country, you need help all the time. Away from home, we require so much assistance. The difference in language, then understanding the dialect, it requires help and support. As a medical tourist, things are more difficult. It is because you have a busy schedule of meeting doctors, buying medicines, and getting prepared for further treatment.


India is highly competitive and we make sure that a good support team is working behind it by our partners. Medical tourism has become one of the most growing sectors in India. The country has an annual growth rate of 30%.


The major contributing factors behind the success of India in medical tourism may include less costly skilled labor force, latest medical technologies, standard quality medical services and facility of mass use of the English language.  Clear your doubts and queries quickly and easily. A supporting team with people looking forward to helping you always.


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Get hygienic accommodation with comfortable furnishing and other necessary essentials. We are here to take the best care. Hotels and other accommodation facilities in medical tourism destinations work to provide the best possible experience for the patients as the patients lead to their popularity. Hence, patients can rest assured that complete care will be taken in the facilities that they come across.


While choosing an accommodation facility, the patient must ensure that it is not too far from the hospital. This is, so that he has quick access to medical service if need be and in case of complications. Such a measure has to be taken to ensure minimum physical strain for the patient when he has to visit the hospital for post-operative check-ups.


Choose Bujuku Eco Tours & Travel for a better stay and comfortable accommodation.



Additional Services


From transportation to telecom (local sim), you get every support you need. Get options for cash transfers to make your stay pleasant. Understanding the need for good contact service and easy cash transactions, we will help in getting all those things to you on your demand. A clean and sterile environment is important in the recovery process and cannot be compromised on. Unhygienic environments have the potential to further deteriorate the patient’s health or cause infections that may complicate his condition.


As a medical tourist and patient, you will always want easy cash in your hand, and we assure that. The extra benefits will cover your cash and calling requirements. From setting up a local sim network to giving you all the required knowledge of post-treatment recreation, our experienced partners are committed to making your stay worthwhile and affordable.


Visa Formality


One of the most tiresome tasks when traveling is Visa formalities. As a medical tourist, when you have already so much in your head, you might not wish to get into this mess. We have made it easier and way more comfortable for you. Providing full support in getting through the Visa and related formalities along with proper documentation. We know how much trouble you take to get through all those formalities. At Bujuku Eco Tours & Travel, we have proven partners to make sure that our customers and patients have the best and most fruitful experience.


From taking care of your passport requirements and the papers of clearance and immigration, we take care of it in the most possible ways. We are here to manage your interaction and conversation at the busy government offices. Most of your administration work will be taken care of in the best possible way. You do not have to wait for hours in the queue, rather enjoy your stay in India. Choose India as your medical destination and Bujuku Eco Tours & Travel to link you to affordable treatment.



Relationship Management


We assign you a relationship manager to make your medical stay convenient and comfortable until your departure. Help by your side is better in a foreign place. The role of the relationship manager will be to ease your conversation and overall stay in the country. They will provide you the necessary assistance you require. We consider the problems that might come up in general conversation making and dealing with the locals.


With the constant support of the relationship manager, you get home-like care. You are taken care of with your daily needs, easier conversation and you can have a comfortable treatment procedure. Along with helping you with a perfect stay, the personnel will also provide you with information about where and how can you proceed with your treatment and post-treatment stay in the country.  It is important for us to recognize your needs. We do our best to give you personalized care that you would expect at home. The facility of translators and interpreters are also inculcated along with the relationship managers.


Airport Pick up and Drop Off


Commuting post-arrival in India can be a hassle for you. A reliable pick and drop service are necessary for a perfect stay. We as a Medical tourism company provide you all the facilities that can make your stay in India for your treatment, a pleasant affair. We understand how difficult the commute in a different land can be and we are here for you to make it better. Get your pick up and drop from your airport to your lodging. We welcome all our medical tourists with the best of the quality of service. We have tie-ups with the well-established partner companies to make sure you have no complaints and get your treatment in peace.