13 Things to do and see in Fort portal

13 Things to do and see in Fort portal

13 Things to do and see in Fort portal

13 Things to do and see in Fort portal Uganda’s Tourism city.

Fort portal prides in its cool weather, lush green environment, gentle hills, crater lakes, warm and welcoming people.

The top 13 Things to do and see in Fort portal

  1. Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru caves
  2. Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest national park
  3. Lake Nkuruba nature reserve
  4. Sempaya hotsprings
  5. Bigodi wetlands sanctuary
  6. Karangura peak 3,012m asl
  7. Kasenda crater lakes
  8. Tooro Kingdom palace tour
  9. Rwenzori mountains community hike
  10. Kihingami wetlands
  11. Tooro Botanical gardens
  12. Food tours
  13. City tour
  14. Kyaninga crater lakes tour


Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru caves

The Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru are mythical “breasts of Nyina Mwiru” as translated from the local Rutooro language.

The Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru caves are located about 8km from Fort portal town.

The Amabeere caves are a private conservation are in Nyakasura, Fort portal with a nature walk trail, cottages, a souvenir and gift shop.

The caves are located in a lush green environment which gives you rich satisfying views and a relaxing atmosphere for you to take a break while on your vacation or weekend  getaway.

The caves allow you to learn and experience the culture and history of the Batooro people from this region of Uganda.

According to local legend, the caves were formed as a result of an ancient Bunyoro King called Bukuuku who had a daughter named Nyinamwiru.

It is said that Bukuuku chopped of the breasts of her daughter and  threw them in the area following a prophesy that Nyinamwiru would give birth to a son Ndahura who would overthrow and kill Bukuuku from his throne.

This was an attempt by Bukuuku to deter the prophesy so that her daughter gets unattractive for men to avoid having any baby.

However, Nyinamwiru had already conceived and later had a son she named Ndahura.

Bukuuku ordered the child Ndahura to be  killed immediaely. The exxecuters however defied and instead dumped the child in the same area they had thrown Nyinamwiru’s breasts.

13 Things to do and see in Fort portal
Stalagmite Amabeere caves

It’s believed that the child grew surviving on breast milk from these breasts.

The caves have a set of udder shaped rocks which are believed to have been the udder for Bihogo the king’s beloved cow and others for the dog’s protecting the cow and others are believed to be Nyinamwiru’s breasts.

One fascinating thing about the caves are the beautiful waterfalls which will give you a perfect photo experience as well as a cold shower in the falls falling off a cliff over the caves.

After the nature walk proceed for a challenging hike to the top of Kyeganywa hill in Kyeganywa 3km from the caves.

Kyeganywa hill is located between two crater lakes of Lake Kigere and Wabikere as well as the lava dammed Lake Saaka. The hill is a popular tourist destination for climbers and photographers as it gives breathtaking views after a tiring steep climb.

Enjoy views of the great rift valley, crater lakes and the Rwenzori mountains.

You can have a picnic and camp near the caves for a moment friends or family.

Several activities at the site include;

  • Visiting the Nyakasura falls
  • Hiking to the top of Kyeganywa hill
  • Nature walk
  • Crater lakes tour
  • Camping

You may need not to miss this popular tourist attraction around Fort portal as it’s just minutes away from your hotel or accommodation in Fort portal town.

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest national park

Kibale forest national park famously known as the “Primate capital of the world is located just 40-60 minutes drive from Fort portal town.

Enjoy a comfortable drive or cycling road trip to Kibale national park to enjoy time with the habituated chimpanzees and plenty of other smaller primates in the vast forest.

Lake Nkuruba nature reserve


Sempaya hotsprings

The Sempaya hotsprings are located in the Toro-Semliki  wildlife reserve 70km from Fort portal town.


Bigodi wetlands sanctuary


Karangura peak 3,012m asl


Kasenda crater lakes


Tooro Kingdom palace tour


Rwenzori mountains community hike


Kihingami wetlands


Tooro Botanical gardens

Food tours


City tour


Kyaninga crater lakes tour

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