Mandatory COVID 19 PCR test for travelers to Uganda

Mandatory COVID 19 PCR test for travelers to Uganda

Uganda declared mandatory COVID 19 PCR test for travelers to Uganda at all her points of entry including Entebbe International Airport effective Wednesday 27th October 2021. The mandatory PCR test is done at a cost of $30 paid by the traveler.

The implementation involves a Results dispatch system where the results are sent via email, Whatsapp or displayed on available screens mounted on the walls for those without smartphones or laptops.  There is a free and quick Wi-FI available to get a connection for those who need to use internet or make payments. Adequate portals for charging of electronics are available in case you run out of battery.

The PCR test results take about 45 minutes to 2 hours to be out. Results are linked to travelers passports or travel documents which helps in quick scanning and verification. Exit at the airport has been boosted through scanning of QR CODES using tablets for an easier process.

It is highly advisable to register and make payments in advance all made online if you’re entering Uganda through Entebbe International Airport.COVID-19-PCR-TEST-ONLINE-REGISTRATION

All incoming travelers are required to fill this form obtained here and pay online to quicken the process of sample removal, testing and receiving results upon arrival. Once the form has been completed, a QR code is generated. The traveler is required to show this code to the sample remover at the point of sample collection.


An online payment system is available at to enable payment via Credit/Debit card or mobile money. Travellers unable to use any of these options can however pay by cash in UGX or USD upon arrival.

All travelers are required to provide their Whatsapp phone number or email address when filling in the online registration form.

There are 30 sample collection booths with a capacity to collect 30 samples every 5 minutes. Travelers are encouraged to cooperate to make the process as smooth and quick as possible.

Uganda tour operators are encouraged to register incoming tourists with the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) for easy identification on arrival.

Tourists have dedicated testing booths at Entebbe International airport and are allowed to proceed to their hotels or destinations as they wait for their results. This is for tourists pre-registered by their tour operator with the Tourism board.  Test results are shared via email or Whatsapp.

Tourists whose test results come out positive, they are isolated in their designated hotel at their own cost for 7 days under treatment. Thereafter they are tested for free at a Government of Uganda laboratory.

Other travelers who test positive are counseled and transferred in vans to either a public or a private facility depending on the preference of the traveler. Those who opt for private facilities meet costs of their treatment while those admitted to public facilities are treated free of charge.

In addition to the mandatory COVID 19 PCR test, incoming travelers are still required to present negative test results on arrival after disembarking off at the Airport or on reaching the point of entry.

Outbound travelers are also still required to present negative PCR test results for samples collected within 72 hours before departure.

Uganda Visas are no longer issued on arrival due to COVID 19 restrictions as a measure to curb the spread of COVID 19. The Visa can be obtained through applying online at You are required to travel with a printed copy of your application or visa.

Other Uganda travel requirements remain in addition to the mandatory COVID 19 PCR test for travelers to Uganda.

The Government of Uganda has intensified COVID 19 vaccinations in the country as it plans to fully open up the country from January 2022. Mandatory COVID 19 PCR testing for incoming travelers is intended to prevent importing of COVID 19 variants from other countries to prevent a third wave.

Uganda has one of the lowest number of COVID 19 infections and deaths recorded around the world.

All Uganda destinations are open and all activities from Rwenzori Mountains hiking, Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, Rhino tracking, birding and wildlife safaris are fully available and open to tourists.

Welcome to Uganda; the Pearl of Africa!

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