The Bukurungu Trail

The Bukurungu Trail

The Bukurungu trail is the third major Rwenzori mountains climbing route opened after the Central circuit and Kilembe routes.

The Rwenzori Bukurungu trail was opened in 2018 under a partnership by WWF and the Uganda wildlife Authority.

The Bukurungu Trail is an amazing experience for everybody who loves real wild nature. You will see unbelievable sceneries with 4 amazing mountain lakes (Mughuli, Bukurungu, Bujuku and Irene) on your way, crossing Mountain Rivers, waterfalls and enjoying raw nature.

This Rwenzori mountains climbing route is an 8 days trek to Margherita peak fully organised and handled by Bujuku Ecotours with our experienced mountain guides beginning in Omukorukumi and ending at Mihunga park gate which gives you plenty to see through out the trek.

The Bukurungu trail unlike the Kilembe and Central circuit trails is an open trail used for camping with no huts with bunk beds but with safe and secure camping areas well maintained by the Rwenzori mountains national park.

Along the trail as you slope to Lake Mughuli there is access to the MTN service network to give you a chance to call friends and family. There are several short peaks along the trail which one can easily climb depending on how much time you have.

The Bukurungu trail has over 8 lakes with beautiful vegetation along the Lakes to catch up your eyes. Animals you might see along the trail are the Rwenzori red-duiker, rock and tree hyrax and wild pigs.

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Bukurungu trail lakes

The Bukurungu trail starts at Kasanzi park gate in Omukorukumi and ends at Mihunga park gate passing between Mount Gessi and the Portal peaks before it meets the Central circuit trail in the Bigo bog.

This Rwenzori Bukurungu route moves along the Central circuit trail with accommodation in separate camps along the trail to summit Margherita peak and descending back along Rwenzori central circuit trail to Mihunga park gate.

This trail also allows for extension safaris around Kasese to Queen Elizabeth national park or Fort portal to Kibale national park, Sempaya hotsprings, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for Gorilla trekking, etc

bukurungu trail rwenzori mountains

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