Lake Mahoma

Lake Mahoma

Lake Mahoma in the Rwenzori mountains in Kasese Uganda is the nearest lake in the Rwenzori mountains located at about 3,000m asl. It is the deepest lake in the Rwenzori mountain ranges and can be accessed on a number of short treks to the Rwenzori mountains. From the 3 day mahoma loop nature walk camping trip to the difficult 1 day hike to Lake Mahoma and the 2 days Lake Mahoma hiking safari all organized by Bujuku Ecotours.

It is a beautiful and picturesque lake with stunning shadows of the surrounding mountains and plantation reflecting on the lake surface as birds float across the beautiful lake.

It can only be accessed via either the mahoma loop central circuit trail or the major central circuit trail from Mihunga gate.

The Lake has a camping ground nearby and is also a bird watchers  haven with several birds like the Rwenzori Turaco being a common sighting around the Lake.

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