Gorilla Tracking

Tracking gorillas in Uganda can be done by anybody of age 15 and above 
Where can Gorilla tracking be done? In Uganda, Gorilla tracking is done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which has four sectors (Buhoma, Nkuringo, Rushaga,  Ruhija) and In Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Nyakagezi Gorilla group) You can choose to track gorillas in any of the above sectors. In Rwanda, Gorilla tracking is done in Volcanoes national park. In DRC, Gorilla tracking is done in the Virunga national park.
What is the difference between Gorilla tracking & Gorilla habituation experience? Gorilla tracking involves interaction with the gorillas for only an hour per group of 8 visitors while Gorilla Habituation involves interaction with the Gorillas for 4 hours per group of 4 visitors.  The gorilla habituation experience involves following a team of researchers who monitor habituated gorillas.
How many people can track/habituate a Gorilla group? The Maximum number of people allowed to track gorillas per group per hour is 8. The Maximum number of people allowed to habituate a gorilla group is 4 people for 4 hours per group.    
How much do i pay for the experience? The amount paid for a gorilla trekking or habituation experience largely depends on the type of permit paid for, the country of tracking as Uganda has cheaper permits than Rwanda and DR Congo. The cost will also depend on the type of accommodation and safari agreed with your tour operator. The amount paid for Gorilla permits is as below per category; US $ 700 for foreign non residents (gorilla tracking) US $ 600 for foreign residents (gorilla tracking) UGX 250,000 for East African Community citizen (gorilla tracking) US $ 1,500 for foreign non residents (gorilla habituation) US $ 1,000 for foreign residents (gorilla habituation) UGX 750,000 for East African Community citizen (gorilla habituation)

How long do i stay with the Gorillas?

A tourist is allowed to stay with the gorillas for One (1) hour during gorilla tracking and Four (4) hours during gorilla habituation. The length of the gorilla trekking depends on how far the gorillas have moved in search for food or how far their territory is depending on the gorilla family.

Where do i book a gorilla safari from?

You can book you gorilla safari to Uganda with Bujuku Eco Tours through any of the following means: • Phone bookings can be made by calling +256785982744 or +256757203420 • Email bookings can be made through info@bujukuecotours.com • Website https://bujukuecotours.com It's always advised to book a gorilla safari 3 months to the tracking date. However, with a tour operator like Bujuku Eco Tours, you can always inquire for short notice gorilla sfari bookings and we are always happy to help.
To pay after booking, you can make a direct bank transfer to a Bujuku Eco Tours & Travel bank account or pay via our online payment portal on this website. Payment options for your safari or trekking with Bujuku Eco Tours include; Cash Credit/debit card or Bank transfer BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS
  1. Account name: Bujuku Eco Tours & Travel Ltd Account no: 9030019790044 Currency: USD Bank name: Stanbic bank Uganda Branch: Kasese Swift code: SBICUGKX
  2. Account name: Bujuku Eco Tours & Travel Ltd Account no:  Currency: UGX Bank name: ABSA bank Uganda Limited Branch: Kasese Swift code: BARCUGKX
  1. Payment for your safari through our online payment system attracts a 3.5% surcharge in addition to your payment amount.
  2.  Direct bank transfers and payments online should be made within 30 days before arrival depending on the nature of your trip. Incase you need to negotiate on the payment terms, reach out to our team via Whatsapp on +256785982744/+256757203420 or email: info@bujukuecotours.com as soon as possible.
  3. Invoices in Us dollars should be paid in Us dollars to our USD bank account and invoices in Uganda shillings should be paid in Ugx to our Ugx bank account.
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